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Did you ever think about a social network in which you could access people by the map? Chat with your friends or even unknowns.Wyrker is social network in which you could find and relate to people based on geolocation that promises to revolutionize the interaction between you, the people around you and the places you go to.

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I am Isaias, smart headed creative focused on creating amazing brands and better digital interface experiences.

A ninth of the information assimilated by the brain is visual. It is also known that 68% of users leave a site because of a poorly designed UI/UX. I work to enhance all visual brand communication to make a business stronger with its audience. I Know what and how to do.

Digital Solutions

Having a website imposes credibility. Also, a website presents a brand and its products anywhere, anytime, and it is easy to update information in real time.


How profitable would it be for your company to have a formal, sophisticated and genuine presentation of its philosophy and, above all, of its products?

Logo Design

A logotype is a the basics to form opinion about a company. Brands represent lifestyles. It reflects how people involved in the business feel about it.

Mulatinho is a high-level professional. He adds creativity with responsibility and delivers us a result, always, above average. The many experiences we had with this designer only made us admire him more and more.

Leandro Mendes
I do it simple. I do it well. I do it happen.

A designer crafting best digital experiences.

The basis of design is planning. I work planning and designing things better. More than a designer, I am enthusiastic about ideas. My expertise evolves branding, UI/UX design, content writing (in Portuguese) and product design. I am self-taught, so... I love to learn.

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