Our assurances

What we should agree


Materials and photos supply request

The deadline described in the proposal, occurs from the material and photos delivery by the contractor, for the contractee. Briefing, images, texts and any information delivery previously agreed. The Deadline is also not counted if the start payment has not been deposited.


Design Structure

The design structure will be presented as approved in the wireframe, in the first stage of the project and can not be changed after this step is completed.


Printed Production (If Applicable)

Contracted services do not include the physical materialization of the created pieces, like prototypes' printing or production. Payment of suppliers will be the responsibility of the contractor.


Additional Work

Additional work will be subject to a new commercial proposal. Deadlines are met on the initial planning, any change can directly alter the planning and should be renegotiated.


Printed Production and publication (If Applicable)

All production/printing/publication must be approved and also have their data checked by the contractor. Therefore, any divergence of information will be 50% of the contractor's responsibility and 50% of the contractee's responsibility.


Limitation of Liability

The contractor is not responsible for the quality of the production performed by third parties on designs (images, texts and videos) created by the contractee.



The last instalment must be deposited only after the conclusion of all the works proposed by the contractor. Therefore, failure to perform the tasks and deadlines by the contractor will not give him the right to delay or renegotiate the payment, but failure to comply with the schedule by the contractee will result in a fine according to the hypothesis of 14th clause of this terms.


Revisions Requests

Adjustments and observations issued by the contractor must be sent at once in order to avoid rework, to gain time and quality in the final result.


Excessive Ideas

The contractee does not undertake to test all ideas beyond the initial plan conceived by the contractor. The briefing and contacts, by email or telephone, will be made in order to outline a better strategy and do the best in the shortest possible time. Punctual revisions are part of the process, but a radical change of project requires a new proposal.



Changes in the terms, parts, quantities, variations and the like are objects of a new proposal.


Author's Credit

The author's credit on the works must always be indicated according to Law No. 5.888 / 73 ( Brazilian copyright law). Reserving the right to the author to show the project result to attract new customers.



Any breach of any of the clauses herein established shall cause the injured party to take legal action to recover damages.


Contract Termination

This contract can not be terminated without just cause, under penalty of incurring the complainant in the event of the 12th clause.


Fine in Case of Delay

Failure to comply with the deadline by the contractor or the contractee will result in a fine of 1% per day on the total amount not yet paid (last instalment). It is important that non-compliance with the deadline is not the result of delays caused by the other party, the provision of information, reviews and the like.


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