I do it simple. I do it well. I do it happen.

Crafting better experiences

The basis of design is planning. I work planning and designing things better. More than a designer, I am enthusiastic about ideas. My expertise evolves branding, product design, UX/UI design and UX/content writing.

Project skills & expertise

Design systems, prototypes, high-quality interfaces (mobile and web), ux writing, web design, branding, animations, editorial design, origami and more. I use Post-its, Plectica, Lookback, Creative Adobe Suite — featuring Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, In Design and After Effects. Also Sketch (or Lunacy, or Figma), Sublime text, Bootstrap (and similars), Grammarly, Evernote, task lists and Spotify.

UX/UI - 17 years

LOGO & BRANDING - 17 years

HTML/CSS - 8 years

ADOBE SUITE - 15 years

FREELANCER - 11 years

EMPLOYEE - 5 years




An unusual last name, an amazing creative.

It's a privilege to have as last name 'Mulatinho', that means ‘little mulatto’. From talented little mulattos I have heard amazing life histories. — I like to understand 'Mulatinho' as a tribute to them, although it comes from past generations.

I have worked as digital designer since 2002. Among that time, I studied law from 2005 to 2013 in UFRN. In 2012 I went into Stepmoney, a holding planning to conquest 55M Brazilian unbanked people. In 2014 a tragedy came when the company suddenly bankrupted (me too) and I had to restart from ashes. Since 2018 I live in Florianópolis.

  • Isaias de Lima Mulatinho
  • 17 Years
  • Portuguese, English, German and French
  • Brainstorming, creating
  • Self-taught, workaholic, proactive